Monday, August 11, 2008


I tried tackling OIL. it deserves all caps since it's the big fat beast i have always dread to face. Studies are one thing, but to paint a Real thing is just too daunting. but i was so inspired by the con and everyone's work i decided i can sneak up on it:With thin layers and glazes.

i wet the ground with Linseed and proceeded. the second day it became really fun and i thought Oil was the best thing in the world, and medium the best perfume.

...And then i look at it this morning and found it still glistering WET. man, i am part of the no-attention-span generation~ so i started to miss the digital again.

"Does Sandman dream" WIP 24"x 36"

But it's still really fun. Even if i had to start again in ACRYLICS. I have to tame this beast.



Diantres said...

i'm doing my first steps in traditional painting, with acylics, because i don't have oils (and yes, can't wait!), but your works are much better >.< , digital look too easy ,clean and fast now, but i'm learning a lot.

best luck in your paintings!

Eric Orchard said...

I think it turned out wonderfully. Really beautiful, reminds me of Frazetta in a weird way. There seems to be a rule that everyone has to have one traditional media mastered...I feel lost navigating photoshop...And what'll we do when photoshop is so old it becomes a traditional media?

Eric Orchard said...

And by the way Lee Bontecou: A Retrospective is available on for 32.00.

elephantmarchblog said...

beautiful work as always. Yes, half the paintings I endeavor are usually tossed and redone digitally. Arrrghh.

C.B. Canga said...

nice job shelly. this is great. it's looks like you've already tamed the beast.

i guess that's the great thing about art, there's always so many things to tackle and master. it just takes a life time. the journey never ends.

for me it is more about the process rather than the final outcome. i easily get tired of looking at my work, but i don't get tired of creating.

keep it up. talk to you more later.

Stephen James. said...

Yup I always favored Acrylics to because half of the related products won't kill you!

Great that you're experimenting though.

Stephen James. said...

Yup I always favored Acrylics to because half of the related products won't kill you!

Great that you're experimenting though.

frank2.0 said...

Hi Shelly,
nice to see you at the Con in San Diego. My daughters and niece were impressed. Hit me up at I forgot to get your contact info. Are you freelancing or fulltime right now?

Shawn Escott said...

Another awesome one!

Jennifer said...

Great sketch. But if you are bothered by the wetness of the paint, just remember: the more oil you put into the paint, the slower it dries. So if you wet everything with linseed oil, it will take a LONG time to dry. The paint dries very quickly if you use pure paint and flake white (Titanium takes forever to dry). But to get the flowing type of feel you're looking for, either use turp with the paint (but it can get streaky) or use medium. Medium is usually 1/3 turp, 1/3 stand oil, and 1/3 damar varnish. If you want things to dry even faster, increase the turp so that it is 3, 4, or 5 times the amount of the oil and damar.

Hope this helps for future ventures into oil! Once you get into it, you'll find that it is so wonderful to work with.