Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Magic the Gathering~

Update with Bigger version~ it was a exploration with watercolor that went wrong, so i am not really happy with the colors ~ oh well.

One of the very first cards i did for WoTC is finally coming out~ ^___^ Hope you enjoy it~

and you can see the other two here and here.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Story Devourer
(District XB4001, Hollywood)

Tell me a story
a jolly good one please

of glass castles that glare
in the sky that baths in grease

of steel beasts that roar

down the paths that never cease

Tell me a story
Six dollars a piece

of knights that fought each other
by comparing their heart decease

of witches that changed into maidens
fat from their thighs transferred to their knees

Tell me a story
and in it you shall dwell~
forever without release

Thought up the verses before i started to think of the pic~ just a speed painting of tonite. a bit on the angry side, but oh well, try driving on the 101 and you will know what i mean.

Update: Unfinished painting from Jeremy's Workshop. If anyone's interested there's another one starting after next week, and there's still one or two slots. i will be there again~ :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Workshop painting

3 hours from Jeremy's class two nights ago. Work has gotten quite busy so sorry about tardy updates~ ^___^
Anyone has Erik Satie's whole collection...? is it worth getting? or just the "Best of"s...?