Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Story Devourer
(District XB4001, Hollywood)

Tell me a story
a jolly good one please

of glass castles that glare
in the sky that baths in grease

of steel beasts that roar

down the paths that never cease

Tell me a story
Six dollars a piece

of knights that fought each other
by comparing their heart decease

of witches that changed into maidens
fat from their thighs transferred to their knees

Tell me a story
and in it you shall dwell~
forever without release

Thought up the verses before i started to think of the pic~ just a speed painting of tonite. a bit on the angry side, but oh well, try driving on the 101 and you will know what i mean.

Update: Unfinished painting from Jeremy's Workshop. If anyone's interested there's another one starting after next week, and there's still one or two slots. i will be there again~ :)


Skylark- said...

Technocratic consumer robot capitalism can be a drag - nice expressive puckish character...

Steve Chon said...

Nice painting Shelly. Your work is just crazy gooood!! Keep it up.

Eric Nguyen said...

hey there,

Just happened onto your blog from concept art, fantastic work! especially these paintings, not to mention fortunate to be in those jeremy workshop. Angry? 101? been there... but what's what about the coins? gas money?. Keep the amazing pics coming.


sandra flood said...

Happened on your blog from another.
Some really great stuff!

Luky said...

Good work, nice expression for the first one ...this is absolutely stunning....i'll be back!c'est trés joli mademoiselle

dugbuddy said...

flat out love your work. Don't let the good in life desert you. db

Shawn Escott said...

These are great! That would be so cool to take his workshop. You make painting look fun!

J.D.Turley said...

I first want to thank you for your comment on my blog and second, how do become you!? Your work make me want to push myself and seriously I want to marry your work. Have you been to Coldstone because I got to have it! Great work and don't stop your in a path to awsome!!

Hethe Srodawa said...

Hey Shelly,

super cool update. Your sketch is just beautiful to me. I love what you do with light and color. Seems like you've fallen in love with a red and green palette lately, have you noticed? Not counting your thunderdome piece though but your last few sketches. You do it real nice, keeping red dominant. This is my favorite life portrait you've done too, they keep looking better. Later!

Marcos Mateu said...

Fantastic artwork! for some reason I thought of Goya when I saw the top one, a sense of color and brush stroke (in the hands specially... Very nice.

Robogabo said...

I like how the underpainting
shows in some parts, also i like
the hair, has some nice cold brushstrokes, good work :-D