Sunday, April 23, 2006

done or NOT done.... ?

i had the part I of my perfect dream.

i was working on a pirate ship as an archeologist. it's the grandest ship i have ever seen, everybit as cool as the one in Disneyland, and ten times more masts and yards, and each one had a pirate guarding it.
i was in my cabin looking through a telescope, scouting locations for our treasure hiding purposes. this port suddently came into view, with beautiful houses that look like the buildings from atop the fancy cookie jars. i remember feeling bumped out because i didn't have my digital camera with me. we went abroad, looked around, and enter this cave. it was dark and dangerous. however, we were able to evade most of the unknown dangerous creatures by swinging our torches at the darkness, and forming a circle. i saw a big empty entry way slightly to the left, and went towards it absentmindedly. "LOOK OUT! THAT'S A TRAP!" the old captain yelled behind me. it was too late. these black flying creatures started to shoot out of the ground like little canyon balls, and they drag on to me as hard as they can. another young pirate who was caught in the same entry way as me, put me on his shoulders and started to run as fast as he can across this bat field. i opened my parasol and try to fend them off with it. when we finally reach the other side, he put me down, and dropped to the ground. his blouse was darkened by blood. i cried out:"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!......"

and i woke up.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Everything was fine and dandy as i was walking home today... and then it all changed when i saw the door to my apartment.

It was a dark green, with gold letters on it, spelling "176".

and now it's a dark red, with dark red letters, hardly recongnizable.


i don't like finding my door red. in fact, i am slightly ashamed of it that i don't want to be seen coming out of it. that's how ugly that red is.

thank you, Management.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

happy easter

I remember receiving bunnies like these for Easter when i was little. Once, i get a chocolate egg, wrapped in 3 layers of color papers, and as big as my head. i remember not wanting to eat them but keeping them for 2 months, how happy it made me just looking at them. When i was urged by Mother to finally take a bite, i remember being utterly disappointed and rather shocked to find that they are both HOLLOW. i think that gave me immunity to a lot of life's minor disappointments.

not too much change....

put up my Klimt posters.

they look great in a living room *still* without sofa and coffee table; really tides the room together. ;)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

nerd alert!

I love Lord of the Rings!

that's a reminder to myself.

I just watched part 1 on TBS. Every shot gives me goosebumps. and there are just so many good lines in the movie, it's awesome!

"all the memories will be lost in time... like tears in the rain".

well, that's actually Blade runner. but it serves as another reminder to myself why i munchies down my sandwich at the nerd table. hahaha

Friday, April 14, 2006

dude.... not cool

I just spend the last 2 hours of my life painting a few hair strands and a face. and they are turning out not at all the way i hope. rising frustration.... but now i must go to bed.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

snailly day

FYI, i kick snails.

Not for fun. I don't like stepping on them, but they always appear on the walkways to my apartment. so i kick them to the grass whenever i see them. i like to think of it as rough love, a not so gentle way to save their lives.

and that's what i did today, nothing out of usual. except it was still light out when i see "naily", so i bent down to take a closer look at her. the tenticles are the most curious sort of contact i ever had with a creature; you push back one of them, and the others reach out to feel u. couple mins later, i got bored, so i pick up naily and put her in the grass.

i got ready for gym and got on the walkway again. naily was on the walkway again. i bent down and was going to pick her up. and then i noticed:

she was right beside another snail. a crushed shell, hardly recognizable rigid black body. ants are traveling up and down, carrying curious looking parts from the corpse.

and Naily was touching the corpse. not with tentacles. with the front part of her body. a sucking motion that resemblence a french kiss.

and i stared at her. what is she doing, i wondered. did she know this particular snail? is she examing what death has done? does she realize the consequence of crossing the walkway now?

i can't leave her there. so i pull her up again. different from the first time, she has a big wet spot left under her. it's not the slimmy shinny trail, but water.

i like to think of it as tears.

and when i got back from the gym it was dark. i examine the walkway in hope of not finding more snail corpses. but i spot one. right next to the first corpse.

and that's what i am ever gonna say about that.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

sth funny i read today

i read somewhere today that during a heated political debate, Churchill's female opponent said:" If I was your wife, Mr. Churchill, I would have put poison in your coffee."
Not very nice. To this he replied, "If I was your husband, Madam, I would have drunk it."
If only i could come up with this in the heat of the moment!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Two days at Mecca

It is a pilgrimage each person have to do at least once in her life time. That destination for me is the Secret Headquarters gallery. My Muhammad is the Art of James Jean.
His drawings touch me in the way unlike a hit in the gut, but a lock of hair strands that slowly tighten around your heart. The hands he drawn have a quiet intrigue about them, that overcomes you like how a desert sunset must have appeared to the lone traveler.
As i walked out of the crowded gallery into the cold of sunset blvd, my heart became a tender, sore hollow spot that's being squeezed so hard by the other organs, i couldn't breathe. All i can think of is, "there's something so clairvoyant in life, it gives out pain and pleasure simultaneously".
i was enlightened.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


don't mean to get political on my little blog.
but i am sooooooo happy Catie Kuric(?) is leaving the today show. Can't stand her, girlfriend!

and when is Alexis coming back? i miss her...

haha ha ha......... h a h a

i changed the layout yet again.
but this time i am pretty happy with it. unless my dear coworkers disagree, that is. :)