Friday, May 22, 2009

No internet for Morocco~

Hello from Marrakesh~ for some reason tho my hotel has WiFi, and i have a strong signal, i can't get on line with it...(help)? So now i am at a Cafe writing~
These portraits are for the Young Empress and the Mermaid. Trying to get a grip on what they look like. Hope you like them!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Guess what came on SALE~

I am not big on shoes. or bags. or a thousand other things people seem to want. but somethings i REALLY REALLY want and would look OH-SO-GREAT with everything have came up for sale quietly~ while i don't have the money. i should have saved my money for these when i could of... but then again i would probably have to sell a kidney or two on top of that. If you get these, i am definitely jealous... :(

OMG. this Dean Cornwell is clearly a Masterpiece! (Drool)

Mead Schaeffer... I have one other in mind that i would like to own more, but this one's definitely a close second.

The ONE. the ONE i thought would be mine. maybe another 20 years. but oh so worth the wait...(fireplace? dinning room? its own 9 feet wall...?) Breathtaking.

Heritage is the auction house. I thank them for these huge on line versions... To see more amazing art, and even more detail shots of the pieces you could go here and search for your artists.

Monday, May 11, 2009

For R

Something a little different for "Fisherman and his Soul". The fisherman's embrace with the mermaid after he let go of his soul. i started with a more usual style but felt it wasn't working, so did something a little different. i don't know if i like it for the book...what do you think? :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

King in his death bed~

For the Young Empress~ not resolved at all at this point, so i am keeping it small.

Liquid City at SD Comic Con 2009!

Sonny Liew just contacted me and informed me that Liquid City would have a booth at the San Diego Comic Con this year~ Very Exciting! i went back through my posts and saw that i never did came around to post the image without the graphic elements! So here it is. Please stop by and say hi to us at the Con! See you there. ^__^


Friday, May 08, 2009

The Third Dream WIP

*Darn it why did i include a horse i have no idea how to draw them*
From "The Young Empress" again~ the dream sequences actually need some really elaborate group compositions that i don't think i am ready yet... just warming up to it slowly i guess. I also noticed how her physique keep changing from comp to comp! O__O sometimes i just prefer red hair...


Thursday, May 07, 2009


Thanks for the music recommendations People! Many of them i have but forgot about~:p now there will be some new ones too!
I thought maybe it's a good time to share some of my pictures from Barcelona. Hope you like them! I love the food and the weather here~



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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Red Dead Redemption Trailer and Astroboy Japanese Teaser~

Both projects i had been working on since graduating are coming out around the same time~ here are the debut trailer for Red Dead Redemption of Rockstar Games, and a teaser trailer from Imagi, for Astroboy. i am really psyched cause they both look pretty damn exciting!!

The Second Dream WIP~

This is a sketch from a previous post. For the "Young Empress" again.
I only listen to Soundtrack when i work now, and i only have three that i keep using:
Perfume OST;
The Fountain OST;
The Hours OST.

They are all quite marvelous, but i want some new ones~ Anyone has any suggestions...?

Monday, May 04, 2009

Weaver WIP

Dream One from the Young Empress:

Strangely, i can't seem to be able to focus on one piece at a time... Too many images from the stories just rush to me, eager to be painted. i am ashamed to say i just had to oblige them. so, nothing finished, more like just a starting phrase, with random pattern just standing in for the real thing! and i might just move on to the next... will probably come back to it when the time is right.


Saturday, May 02, 2009

The Dark Prince wip

Another one in progress for "Fisherman and his soul". i am working on my laptop, and it's hard for me to tell if the bottom is completely too dark to see anything... i check my monitor with adobe gamma but i am still not sure~ Care to tell me what you see on your monitor...?