Sunday, March 01, 2009

Not Dead~ just traveling

Hi there!! i have been off traveling in Europe for a while now, taking a long breather from working, looking at some great art and having some great food, generally having the best time ever~ :D No real art update for now, as i am just mostly enjoying myself and looking at other people's art~ Shame on me... Soon tho! Here are some travel photos documenting some places i went~ Those of you that live there please bear with me~ :)

Paris in Winter! Cold but not so crowded~

Madrid, Spain~ another type of Sports bar!

Church in Toledo, Spain. it's impossible to take bad photos there apparently~

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the Sistine Chapel~ About the only museum that allows us to take photos inside... :(

Florence~ my favorite city! For food, Gelato(!), and much calmer than Roma~

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Venice at night, during the Carnival~
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Our latest stop, Vienna, had a great surprise waiting: A Mucha Retrospective!!! Right after a Klimt one! It was AMAZING, anyone that can make it here should see it~ Goes to June 2, 2009. i am contemplating staying here just to go see it every other day~ :D No photos, of course! Damn...

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Okay, this is it for now~ :D Thanks for looking!!