Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sunday, March 02, 2008


i like this one quite a bit. too bad i miss the first 3 hours of the pose... .\/.

the finish. a labor of work but really nothing inspiring.

It's been so long since i updated~ Mostly due to the viruses of all sorts swarming around~ First i had to live a whole weekend without my computer(O____O) because it was so "dirty" i had to let a technician reinstall my windows... and then there's that mega strong office flu that just won't go away.... Well you catch my drift.

Work's been pretty busy as well~ i doubt there will be any thing besides these life paintings for my blog for a while. but it's always nice to read the kind remarks you blog travelers make... :D thank you so much for cheering up a sneezing soul~

Some cool links to share with you. There is this MOST amazing lineup of painting/drawing workshops from Watts atelier: you have to check it out!! and after a myspace page, Jeremy has a blog as well to showcase his amazing new paintings~ :)

bye now,