Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Long pose postmortem

First 24 hours long pose drawing~! Learn a lot: trying to distill some thoughts for next time:
1. During the block in stage the legs appear right, and I did know they were probably too long, but didn't bother to change them. And man was I wrong: at finish stage what look flattering in block in made the model look gigantic, 8 head tall! Could have been such an easy fix early on.
2. After first 2 sessions, had time between class to really model the soft turning forms of the head. This alone took more than 3 hours after class, and is really the most successful part of the drawing. The other forms that should appear soft also, like the belly and the thighs, lack this in-between pass, which seems to give the rest of the drawing a hard feel, as if she's made of stone, not flesh.
3. Feet! Toes!! Have to get these things in my priority of get better at these list!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

master copy~

Looking at some hi Rez Zorn lately and so affected by how great his simplifications are~ will do some more~ especially legs~

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

First oil this year!

Dude~ can someone share an app with me that post to Facebook, blogger and instagram at the same time? Takes so long to post the same painting 5 times~
Thank you in advance! Happy new year!