Thursday, August 28, 2008

Liquid City~ in stores Nov. 5!

Image comics just had a press release on the anthology on their website:

"LIQUID CITY presents the unique visions of artists and writers based mainly in Southeast Asia," said editor Sonny Liew. "The creators involved range from established figures in the region's comics communities like Lat and Gerry Alanguilan, to exciting new talents like Nguyen Thanh Pong, kenfoo and Shari Chankhamma."

Bringing together creators from Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and elsewhere, LIQUID CITY presents an edgy vision of lives in cities past, present and future: from Leong Wan Kok's distinct post apocalyptic landscapes to Lat's charming take on Malaysian life in the '60s, from Mike Carey's meditation on colonialism to kenfoo's dark tales of regurgitation and bodily transformations.

Also contributing to the anthology are artists from outside the region, including award-winning illustrator Jon Foster and cover artist Shelly Wan.

Check it out in its completeness here.
To read more about it and see some cool previews, go here~
I am very psyched about seeing this in stores! i can't wait to read the stories. Since it's my first comic cover, i really wonder if it would "pop" or just blend right in with the dusty comic store decor...


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sandman No. 2

Close your eyes. Tell me what you see.

A field, with trees, in the valley between two seas.
the cold night mist is drawing closer, a stranger's voice in my ear,
asking me, in a whisper,
"do you feel me near?"

here i thought i was alone but discovered,
am but one of thousands of flowers.
each stem carrying a dreaming dream,
trembles unknowingly, under the stranger's limb.

To escape, i try opening my eyes,
but the petals only shake.
"Please, let me wake!" i plead.
the stranger looks away.

i started another Sandman oil painting while waiting for the first one to dry. "Dreamland", 24" x 36"


Monday, August 11, 2008


I tried tackling OIL. it deserves all caps since it's the big fat beast i have always dread to face. Studies are one thing, but to paint a Real thing is just too daunting. but i was so inspired by the con and everyone's work i decided i can sneak up on it:With thin layers and glazes.

i wet the ground with Linseed and proceeded. the second day it became really fun and i thought Oil was the best thing in the world, and medium the best perfume.

...And then i look at it this morning and found it still glistering WET. man, i am part of the no-attention-span generation~ so i started to miss the digital again.

"Does Sandman dream" WIP 24"x 36"

But it's still really fun. Even if i had to start again in ACRYLICS. I have to tame this beast.


Saturday, August 09, 2008

a little gift for myself~

I didn't get to do much during the con this year, barely bought any books and hardly got to walk around, but i made time to see some of the amazing artist demos. i bought this Rick Berry piece right after i saw his demo, so inspiring was this man's working. i don't know if this was how Rodin works, pulling shapes out of stone and seeing it become something out of its own will, just helping it here and there with his mastery, but the energy feels very much the same. Check out his site if you havn't done so already:

Rick Berry Studio

And Thanks to & Spectrum Fantasy Arts, we have some demo videos on Youtube:

Jon Foster's Demo1:

Jon Foster's Demo2:

Rick Berry Demo1:

Rick Berry Demo2:

Rick Berry Demo3:

Greg Manchess HellBoy Demo:


Friday, August 08, 2008


yay~ had a nice birthday at work and with friends~ two chocolate cakes! couldn't ask for better friends and coworkers~!

Amazing Dalia arrangement and truffles in animal shaped boxes~ (blurring out the office, sorry)

Boba tea and girls time~ it was reaaaally fun and relaxing. Makes me wonder why there weren't more of it in the year~

With all my love,

Tuesday, August 05, 2008


What gives? No books in thirty years and all of a sudden two! Both 200 something pages long! Just preordered this one that comes out one month earlier~ I can't wait to get this~

Boldini. $500. 1404 pages. 24 pounds. I guess i can afford it but can i afford to part with it when i am traveling in europe...? i am gonna take a poll on this: To Buy or Not Buy?

Just bought this from Dahesh Museum. $115 but still the cheapest i can find anywhere. it's filled with the most elegant drawings i have ever seen.

i want this i want this i want this(whine)~ why is it so expensive and only in French??? *___* Could someone recommend one that's as good but reasonably priced...?

I love this book when i first saw it 4 years ago. $50 was too much for me at the time so i didn't buy it. Went up to $300. Finally a reprint that's $50 became available last year so i ordered it, but Amazon sold out of it before they got to my shipment. and it's up to $200 again.

just thought to share with you somethings i love,

p.s. and there's a very impressive Turner show in NYC. Just my luck~

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Another little WIP~ Very much inspired by Turner. i am going off to watch a movie now~ :)