Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sandman No. 2

Close your eyes. Tell me what you see.

A field, with trees, in the valley between two seas.
the cold night mist is drawing closer, a stranger's voice in my ear,
asking me, in a whisper,
"do you feel me near?"

here i thought i was alone but discovered,
am but one of thousands of flowers.
each stem carrying a dreaming dream,
trembles unknowingly, under the stranger's limb.

To escape, i try opening my eyes,
but the petals only shake.
"Please, let me wake!" i plead.
the stranger looks away.

i started another Sandman oil painting while waiting for the first one to dry. "Dreamland", 24" x 36"



Yohann Schepacz said...

Lovely colors ! Thanks for sharing !

BOKY said...

Oil painting is awesome, one could really get addicted to it (and I'm not talking about the smell of turpentine ;))! Great work, can't wait to see "Sandman No.2" finished :)

Francis said...

I like it! You have great work.

elephantmarchblog said...

Man, the subtle changes in color; drool.

Hethe Srodawa said...

Ooh! The colors are super awesome in this one! I like it much. Did you get my email?

abhishek singh said...

FANTASTIC.....sandman is one of my fav characters ...n i'm lovin ur interpretation....
truely dreamy ....WOW!!!!!
more more.....

Stephen Chang said...

Fantastic! I'm so glad you are selling prints! I'm totally going to buy some =) its great to see old classmates doing so well!

Jose Emroca Flores said...

excellent work. Really dig your use of color and ideas.

Rodney Fuentebella said...

cool paintings...can't wait to see them live!

Bob said...


You've restored my love for fantasy art.

More please!

I hope someone makes a big coffee table book of your work soon!