Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Malcolm Liepke

Malcolm Liepke.

Opening This Saturday Dec 1. Staying up till the 15.

43 originals.

Track 16 Gallery in Bergamot Station, Santa Monica.

I got this info from StuartNg Books' email list; though i don't see it on the gallery's site...? But i am definitely gonna be there~

Listening to "Painted Veil" OST. Found videos on Youtube with real people playing the songs instead of music videos. Quite good they are, maybe a bit too fast/slow compare to the soundtrack for me, but nevertheless amazing.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving~

Again from Felini~ Can't tell from my studies, but he really is a freaking genius. Composition, Lighting, Values, Color~ Not mentioning the Story!!! O____O I shall make a note of visiting his grave and pay my respect if i was fortunate to return to Italy...

I think because i tried to harmonize my colors this time i lost my value structure since i was using white way too much. hmmmmmm~ hopefully i can do better next time. (look at color keys from animation...)

Oh and Happy Thanksgiving! ^____^ I hope all the Indian Casinos are rolling in loads of cash right now~ and passing it on to people with at least 1/8 of American Indian blood~ and they can build houses with strong fences that say "Thanks. But no Giving this time".

That was lame... sorry! :p

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Film studies

checking out this show ASAP:

"The Art of the Motion Picture Illustrator" show at the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences
Drool...Darn. when you have to know how to draw and compose to get a job. i would probably be pedaling shoe laces back then~ :P

just got home after work, so it was a long day. But i do have some film studies. From Akira Kurosawa's Dreams, and Federico Fellini's Satyricon. Two of my favorite directors besides Eisenstein. Yep i am old school~ :)

Big Sam doesn't think my colors are harmonizing enough. He suggested for me to do some still lifes from life. Which is probably what i would do come this weekend. and i also signed up for a Jeremy Lipking workshop~ Fun fun fun~


Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Perfume OST

Watched "Beowulf" in the new Arclight Sherman oaks on its opening night, Friday. It's great! The lobby even features costumes and the air thingy from "No country for old man". O___O yeah you know what i mean. The movie was way better than expected. but then again i never expected it to be great. It had a great script thanks to Neil Gaiman, and because i didn't know the story before it was a good surprise.

i kept listening to the OST of "Perfume" this whole week as if i need it to breathe. so i figure i should post it here to get you all addicted as well. Addition's better when everyone's doing it no? :)

edit: Sunday painting.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Some great chinese artists

Work has finally gotten its grip on me, so i can not longer post regularly as before. But while i was looking through some of the art books i got in China tonight for inspiration, i decided it might be good to share with you some great Chinese artists' works.

Ai Xuan. His father is one of the most accomplished contemporary Chinese poets. The images are regretfully small on his official site, and some of my favs are not up there.

Xia Jun Na. A very young female artist who strangely embodied my favorite school of painters, the Nabis, all by herself. Her works might be an acquired taste, but i love them beyond everything.

Chen Yi Fei. His works are hailed as the most expensive in China. I have a sort of love hate relationship with his works: sometimes they can be just too cheesy. But the above painting really sets him in the categories of my favorites. Again the only images i could find all have pretty poor quality.

Hope you enjoyed looking at them! :)


Monday, November 12, 2007

film studies~

From the wonderful Barry Lyndon, again. Also saw "No country for old man" at Arclight. Darn. No words come to mind to describe the film. It's soooooo scary i...laughed and covered my eyes. Seriously. I can still see that killer's face. O_____O... i hope that's one actor i would never see on the street. :o(

Sunday, November 11, 2007

sunday painting~

Sunday is the official "look around the web for great art" day at the Wankenobi house. And i want to share some Better than Amazing links with you~

For whoever that's left in the world that doesn't know of Paul Lasaine's blog yet, you own it to yourself to check his work out!
and for those of you that love Rackham and Dulac's children's' illustrations, here's a gem of a website i can't get enough of.
and i can't believe some of my friends haven't heard of Art Renewal~ They have very high rez scans of art work by realism painters~ yum~

Oh and then there's my sucky painting from today's workshop. ;P

Thursday, November 08, 2007


Remember when i said no photos at the show...? Well guess i was the only one obeying the rules! Found these on line to share with you unfortunate souls who live too far away~ or fortunate if you observe the rest of LA... :(

Still working on Dad's birthday gift, will update once i have made more progress~

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I did a bit of blog surfing after work and was instantly inspired. More like Blown apart. By Eric Tiemens. At least take a look at this piece. Desktop wallpaper, No way around it.
and maybe while you are at it check out Neil Ross and Hans Bacher. Sometimes i feel so spoiled that i could see these artists' work a click away~ it's amazing the little Blogspot can hold so much talent and spirit. :)

Edit: a digital color study of the oil~ i am still working to get all my photo refs together. ;P

Monday, November 05, 2007

Another Portrait?!

Oh well~ It's Dad's birthday in a month, and the portrait i did of him in his office is already 10 years old. So i decided to paint an Oil portrait of him, my little sister and me(!!!!) I have full confidence in myself and my total of five tubes of acedemy grade paints and a bunch of 2.99(it's 2.24 today at Michaels) brushes. Total confidence that i would fail miserably in oil and crawl back to digital brushes. :( Still awaiting my dad to send me his pics... >:(

My sad little crumpled sketch of the ptg~

It's not white anymore, but it's still pretty scary...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Museums and an oil painting~

Sometimes i wish i was still back at the east coast. Such as this weekend when i heard about the JMW Turner rethrospective in Washington; or the Rick Berry show in Boston. But LA has something to offer as well! Murakami, the main character behind Japan's Super Flat movement~

Above are pics taken of his animation. The exhibition itself did not allow any photography, which is a total shame. But if you are in town, definitely check it out!!! It's like going to Disneyland on speed~ i have no other way to describe his crazy fun installations and funky mushroom sculptures with a gazillion eyes. i can't help but smile and applaud his voodoo god sculpture. i was feeling a lot happier and dizzier when i walked out of Moca. I went to several museums in the area as well, but Murakami is the one that would stay in my head for a long time~

Sunday~ did a portrait at LAFA again. Second oil portrait in forever it seems. Costumed figure is so much fun~~ next week the theme is Turkish Belly Dancer~~~ Can't wait. ^_____^

Friday, November 02, 2007

Self Portrait as Salome

Wow, it's Nov 1, the second annual Self Portrait day of! the rule is to do a portrait of yourself on TODAY~ So here's my contribution to the bunch:

here's the original drawing. the rest is digital.

it took about 6 hours and now i am exhausted~ Good Nite!