Sunday, February 10, 2008

Being the lazy old me...

Got sick with the flu last week, and just have been tired and lazy ever since... Downloaded some of my old favorite Lucas Art games because of the craving i got for them when i was too sick to do anything else, and can't stop playing them...!
Did you know that Orson Scott Card wrote the dialogues for the Sword fighting Insults in Monkey Island 1???!!! I learn something new every day. :) what a great series!!!! i wish the genre is still around cause it's the only one for me... But then again maybe it's a good thing that it's gone now, so i actually make art sometime~~~

my Favorite Adventure Game of ALL TIME:
1. The Longest Journey
2. Neverhood
3. The Lost Files of Sherlock Holmes: the Case of the Rose Tattoo

If anyone knows of anyway to run Rose Tattoo on a XP please tell me!!! i never finished that game... *___* Then again... maybe don't tell me...

Forgive my blahing~~

Finished. i was hating it all the way through cause i like the unfinished part MUCH better.

this week's unfinished painting~