Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween~

Funfunfun~ this is the first Halloween in a long time that i actually dressed up for~ and what do you know~ It was GREAT! and i also carved my first pumpkin ever! ^0^ it's after one of the characters in the film so i will have to hold off showing it.

Me and Liz! The compsition with the spider is a total lucky accident! Too bad we couldn't stop smiling or it would really look like a deadly duel!

Me, a Slytherin student! Potion would have been my best subject~ Draco would have found his match since Snape is my favorite teacher OF ALL TIME. Today had been so much fun i am thinking of dressing up as an armored bear next time~

Gouache studies of the night, again from "Barry Lyndon". Big Sam gave me some great notes on my previous works:
1. use a BIG brush. i am using a no.2 flat wash now;
2. Don't copy. Try to put down colors that RELATE.
3. Get rid of white. Choose a color!
4. Simplify! It's not drawing.
I will have to remember these~

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Shameless Self Promotion-Part II

Wawawewa! I took a look on Tor's website and look what i found! Mad Kestrel ready for preorder~ :) Question: Does the cover make you want to read it...? i am too close to it to tell.
and what gave me a big shock was that on a closer look, the painting in the mock up is not the finished piece! i take it that it's normal...? hmmmm~ O____O
Edit: two frames tonite from "Barry Lyndon".

Monday, October 29, 2007

Shameless Self Promotion~

It's everywhere on the net already, so i guess it's about time to show you all a preview of what i have been working on:

Dangdangdangdang(drums)! The amazing Astroboy! for those of you not familiar with the property, it's by the Japanese "God of Manga", Osamu Tezuka San. I was a great fan of his comics when i was little(well, actually i still read them), such titles as "The knight with blue ribbons" and "Black Jack" forever shaped my mind about the world~ So when i had a chance to work on this i jumped right on board~ i had a bit of part in painting this teaser poster too, hope you enjoy it. It will be in theatres everywhere 2009!

and here's a book i picked up today after work:

It's the Spectrum Fantasy Art Annual. This year there are a lot of people i know! Congratulations gang~ It has three of my paintings as well. ^___^ Check it out here~

and here's another find of the day that i thought i should share with you! Vasily Surikov:

I saw them in my friend Randy's Repin book, and was blown away by it! Crowd pieces are my favorites~ Enjoy your monday night! :)

Edit: Film studies of the night. From the amazing Prince of Egypt~

Sunday, October 28, 2007

back to the basics~

Wow, what a weekend! I had Nathan Fowkes' Color Workshop, which was amazing and very inspiring! i was totally pumped afterwards to do gouche studies from films! How hard can it be right?

(3 hours later)
DARN!!!!!!! wow. So that's what happens when you abandon traditional medium for 4 years. it's... well, Crappier than crappy!!!! it's really embarassing to show them here. But oh well, the shame would probably keep me doing them better next time. They are all done between 5-10 mins. the first two are done Saturday, from "Children of Men". the last one is from "Wallace and Grummit COWR".

Oh, and i also went to a costumed figure workshop! Armed with my $2.99 brushes and student grade paint since i havn't touch oil for 5 years(O___O). This took 3 hours. the drawing is totally Wacked!!! no "flip horrizontal" tool on the canvas board... next time i need to take it into the bathroom and look at it in the mirror.... Live and learn darn it~

But what a great weekend~ feels good to paint with real paint again~ ^______^ what's everybody gonna do for Halloween? I got my costume today~ hehe.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Back from Europe~

Hey my dear fellow bloggers~

Bear with me as i am about to share with you my journey to France and Italy~ i am too lazy to start a facebook account so i am just gonna cram it all in here. ;p

It's my first trip to Europe ever, and man was there a lot to see! I went to Paris, Florence, Milan, Roma, Venice, Vatican City, Pisa, Monaco, Nice and Canne.

i really think i need to just spend some time in Paris working and living, as i have always dreamed. Paris my eternal love~ though i can't understand a word of French it's still the greatest city to me.

Musee D'Orsay! what can i say, it houses some of my favorite paintings, and i would not tire if i have to go there every weekend~ All the work here are by Eugene Carriere, who's works really drawn me in completely as i was standing there. The subtleness suggested of ghostly whispers that pass through time, giving me a chill that runs down my back as if i was starring directly into Ophelia's drowning eyes.

Mount Blanc. As we cross the tunnel on the way to Italy.

Mom having an amazing time in St. Mark Square. It's worth the trip to see this sight alone! ^___^

Gelato time in Pisa~ Hehe.

and that rounds up the slideshow~ Thanks for bearing with me. :p