Friday, October 26, 2007

Back from Europe~

Hey my dear fellow bloggers~

Bear with me as i am about to share with you my journey to France and Italy~ i am too lazy to start a facebook account so i am just gonna cram it all in here. ;p

It's my first trip to Europe ever, and man was there a lot to see! I went to Paris, Florence, Milan, Roma, Venice, Vatican City, Pisa, Monaco, Nice and Canne.

i really think i need to just spend some time in Paris working and living, as i have always dreamed. Paris my eternal love~ though i can't understand a word of French it's still the greatest city to me.

Musee D'Orsay! what can i say, it houses some of my favorite paintings, and i would not tire if i have to go there every weekend~ All the work here are by Eugene Carriere, who's works really drawn me in completely as i was standing there. The subtleness suggested of ghostly whispers that pass through time, giving me a chill that runs down my back as if i was starring directly into Ophelia's drowning eyes.

Mount Blanc. As we cross the tunnel on the way to Italy.

Mom having an amazing time in St. Mark Square. It's worth the trip to see this sight alone! ^___^

Gelato time in Pisa~ Hehe.

and that rounds up the slideshow~ Thanks for bearing with me. :p


Randy Bantog said...

Hey shelly, the trip looked fun. I'm so jealous, I've been wanting to go to Europe for a long time.

OYO said...

Bonjour !

Such a good trip !!
I ve been to Paris last year for a week. I was there to see some friends, i finally spent all my time in Orsay and le Louvres :) so amazing ! Personnally, I spent a lot of time sketchin the HellGate sculpture from Rodin. Such an amazing vision!
I also enjoyed a lot being able to comtemplate real paintings from the old masters.

Apart from that, you re by far the cuttest digital artist i ve ever seen ! OMG !


Playkill said...

Awesome stuff Shelly! You deserved that trip!

Christian Alzmann said...

Sounds like a great trip. Paris is where I found Eugene Carriere's work also. There were a bunch of his works at Rodin's house too.
I haven't got this book yet, but I keep meaning to.

Anonymous said...

WOW it's been TOOO long since i last talked to you! looks like you had some great fun! call me when you have time~ muaaaaah -echo

Scott Altmann said...

Wow- lots to catch up here on your blog Sheldon. I remember the first time we hung out, you were one of the few people I have ever met that shared my love for Carriere. Thanks for posting those pics- I still have yet to visit Paris.
All the work I see here is looking great- hope all is well !