Monday, October 29, 2007

Shameless Self Promotion~

It's everywhere on the net already, so i guess it's about time to show you all a preview of what i have been working on:

Dangdangdangdang(drums)! The amazing Astroboy! for those of you not familiar with the property, it's by the Japanese "God of Manga", Osamu Tezuka San. I was a great fan of his comics when i was little(well, actually i still read them), such titles as "The knight with blue ribbons" and "Black Jack" forever shaped my mind about the world~ So when i had a chance to work on this i jumped right on board~ i had a bit of part in painting this teaser poster too, hope you enjoy it. It will be in theatres everywhere 2009!

and here's a book i picked up today after work:

It's the Spectrum Fantasy Art Annual. This year there are a lot of people i know! Congratulations gang~ It has three of my paintings as well. ^___^ Check it out here~

and here's another find of the day that i thought i should share with you! Vasily Surikov:

I saw them in my friend Randy's Repin book, and was blown away by it! Crowd pieces are my favorites~ Enjoy your monday night! :)

Edit: Film studies of the night. From the amazing Prince of Egypt~


robin_chyo said...

i was excited to see some astroboy media leak. right when i saw them, i thought to myself "go shelly!". really looking forward to seeing that 2009 :-p congrats on spectrum 14. i'm still waiting on my copy to arrive. hope you'll be submittin to spectrum 15. take care!

Wynne Chen said...

Wow~Astroboy..What a amazing project.
U must having fun to work on it:)

OYO said...

Salut !

ok ok AstroBoy... Well done ! Good move Lady Wan !

Am very sad cause we ll probalby never see the production artworks you re gonna produce for the film ...

Reminder: take a peek at Spectrum 14...


Mike Dutton said...

It's out?! Looks like I'm off to the bookstore to take a peek. But yeah Shelly, you could've waited on your free copy to arrive!

Meant to comment earlier by the way, but your Europe trip looked fantastic. It made me miss it because my wife and I went to a lot of the same places this spring.

And finally, I'm so jealous you got to take a workshop under Nathan Fowkes. That guy is the gouache king. Next time I run into you, you must share some secrets with me. ;)

Kinman said...

nice range of stuff on this post.. you went from super cartoony to super serious.. and back to basics.. all over the place! my brain is oozing with inspiration now :)

A. Riabovitchev said...

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