Sunday, October 28, 2007

back to the basics~

Wow, what a weekend! I had Nathan Fowkes' Color Workshop, which was amazing and very inspiring! i was totally pumped afterwards to do gouche studies from films! How hard can it be right?

(3 hours later)
DARN!!!!!!! wow. So that's what happens when you abandon traditional medium for 4 years. it's... well, Crappier than crappy!!!! it's really embarassing to show them here. But oh well, the shame would probably keep me doing them better next time. They are all done between 5-10 mins. the first two are done Saturday, from "Children of Men". the last one is from "Wallace and Grummit COWR".

Oh, and i also went to a costumed figure workshop! Armed with my $2.99 brushes and student grade paint since i havn't touch oil for 5 years(O___O). This took 3 hours. the drawing is totally Wacked!!! no "flip horrizontal" tool on the canvas board... next time i need to take it into the bathroom and look at it in the mirror.... Live and learn darn it~

But what a great weekend~ feels good to paint with real paint again~ ^______^ what's everybody gonna do for Halloween? I got my costume today~ hehe.


Ben Mauro said...

go shelly go!

that Europe trip looks like it must have been amazing. did you get a chance to go to Sorolla's studio?

someday i have to make the trip....

Hethe Srodawa said...

Is your costume a gnome? :)
Fun stuff though! I like seeing me some new shelly sketches.

spleenal said...

great stuff. I really loved the bottom one on the first strip. with the woman looking at you in the car with all that sun shine very nice.

Blogger shrinks pictures too much sometimes and just assumes that long pictures need to be shrunk when they don't.
If it bugs you there is a quick way of editing the html. that i showed on my blog last month.

this is the only way i can help you because you obviously don't need any help painting.

OYO said...

Bonjour !

Interesting, I never thought about studying from cartoon and anime...

Anyway thanks for sharing this ! And yea you should go back to traditionnal painting
!! Am sure you ll roxxx even more than with digital, you already got the eye for it !!