Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Dream II

                                                                   Work in progress

 (Having amazing bizarre dreams lately~ Going to try and document some random bits of them here. After all, don't dreams and art spun from the same thread?)

 I had a dream.

"You just missed him." The driver looks me slyly as the car takes a sharp turn. He's referring to the huge black cat that just ran passed, who I have a inkling is something(one) else.

I walked into this crowded temple built from slabs of rough white stone. The people are murmuring and shouting in anger: "The holy water is tampered!" The stream is not small, and cupped with gold. There are some twigs and leaves inside but nothing else.

 In front of me there's a brilliant woven carpet, the gold threads shining. "Look, this thread is you. and the carpet is the whole &(&^*^." Someone says. In front of me the pattern starts to change. my thread turns from blue to red, but it's almost unnoticeable among the fast emerging and subsiding patterns. Suddenly, the whole upper right corner of the carpet seems to deepen in color to a rich black, and the thread on that part disappearing and losing in color. "That's a genocide." The man tells me.