Saturday, January 09, 2010


a little bit of breathing time today, so did this for myself. :)


Thursday, January 07, 2010

Best of 2009~

Feeling nostalgic for 2009 already...? I seem to be. Well, since i am (still!)working on NDA stuff,here's a list of my favorite (Indie)Movies/(Free,Browser based)Games from the past year.

I didn't get to see many movies last year, so forgive me if i missed some great ones. But here are three very worthy of checking out:

Man on Wire: a documentary about a wire walker in pursue of his dream: To walk between the top of Twin Towers. The movie reveals to me something about the human spirit: how it's the most content while we are pursuing our true callings; To never ignore it and try hard to listen to it.

Thirst: The Anti"Twilight". A truly masterfully crafted Horror/Vampire film that's full of surprises and black comedy. Character emotions are believable and moving. From the famed "Vengeance" Trilogy director Chan Wook Park.

Synecdoche New York: I still can't pronounce the name. Watching this closely resembles watching one's own life washing by: All the regrets; relationships that were no longer possible to mend; mistakes that one would keep making because of one's character; and how soon all these would end in death. Bleak? well, not quite tho. it also brings hope and sparks of love and sometimes, forgiveness. And there are Alex Kanevsky's paintings in the film. :)

Every day The Same Dream: A game that would take you 15 mins to play but feels like 80% of your life.

If i had a Million dollars i would give it to this Game company. Just play this.

Great Puzzle Game. Deceptively simple at first that quickly becomes confusing. Like all great things it hints at thoughts outside itself.

Well, that's it Folks! i hope you like them. Click on the pics to go to read about them/play them. :D