Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween~

Funfunfun~ this is the first Halloween in a long time that i actually dressed up for~ and what do you know~ It was GREAT! and i also carved my first pumpkin ever! ^0^ it's after one of the characters in the film so i will have to hold off showing it.

Me and Liz! The compsition with the spider is a total lucky accident! Too bad we couldn't stop smiling or it would really look like a deadly duel!

Me, a Slytherin student! Potion would have been my best subject~ Draco would have found his match since Snape is my favorite teacher OF ALL TIME. Today had been so much fun i am thinking of dressing up as an armored bear next time~

Gouache studies of the night, again from "Barry Lyndon". Big Sam gave me some great notes on my previous works:
1. use a BIG brush. i am using a no.2 flat wash now;
2. Don't copy. Try to put down colors that RELATE.
3. Get rid of white. Choose a color!
4. Simplify! It's not drawing.
I will have to remember these~


Icon said...

:D Slytherin? I'm a Griffindor type of gal. D: I just have a huge crush on potter!!
but people always say i'm better suited for Slytherin...the half and half! D:

anyway fantastic updates! 5 updates almost in a row! <3 Makes me all happy!

I love your traditionals, they are simple but all of them show so much potential for future paintings!

Great work!

Also, will you be going to seattle? If so, let me know! I need to treat you to a lot of things to make up for last year ;p.

Take care -icon

Joshua James said...

BOOOOO Slytherin! ^ ^

Izzy Medrano said...


Paul Lasaine said...

Ask Sam who taught him about the "Big Brush" thing:)