Monday, November 05, 2007

Another Portrait?!

Oh well~ It's Dad's birthday in a month, and the portrait i did of him in his office is already 10 years old. So i decided to paint an Oil portrait of him, my little sister and me(!!!!) I have full confidence in myself and my total of five tubes of acedemy grade paints and a bunch of 2.99(it's 2.24 today at Michaels) brushes. Total confidence that i would fail miserably in oil and crawl back to digital brushes. :( Still awaiting my dad to send me his pics... >:(

My sad little crumpled sketch of the ptg~

It's not white anymore, but it's still pretty scary...


Diantres said...

Even if you don't have the finest materials: you are very talented.

The portrait will be great!

Luck =)


Stephen Chang said...

Sweeeet crumpled paper sketch! those are the best =)