Tuesday, August 05, 2008


What gives? No books in thirty years and all of a sudden two! Both 200 something pages long! Just preordered this one that comes out one month earlier~ I can't wait to get this~

Boldini. $500. 1404 pages. 24 pounds. I guess i can afford it but can i afford to part with it when i am traveling in europe...? i am gonna take a poll on this: To Buy or Not Buy?

Just bought this from Dahesh Museum. $115 but still the cheapest i can find anywhere. it's filled with the most elegant drawings i have ever seen.

i want this i want this i want this(whine)~ why is it so expensive and only in French??? *___* Could someone recommend one that's as good but reasonably priced...?

I love this book when i first saw it 4 years ago. $50 was too much for me at the time so i didn't buy it. Went up to $300. Finally a reprint that's $50 became available last year so i ordered it, but Amazon sold out of it before they got to my shipment. and it's up to $200 again.

just thought to share with you somethings i love,

p.s. and there's a very impressive Turner show in NYC. Just my luck~


Nate Storm said...

Hey, if you can afford it, books always seem worth it. You can never have enough inspiration.

It's exciting to know that there are some gerome books, I have only seen one of his pieces (In the legion of honor in San Fran) but it was gorgeous. I might have to pick up the drawing course one myself.

E Palacios said...

Thanks for the book suggestions. I think one of the Leyendecker books was already being sold very early at Comic Con over at the Stuart NG booth. Dan Dos Dantos showed it to me it was sweet! Stupid me I forgot to get one early and by the time I went to their booth they were already sold out.

You have amazing work Ms Wan! I only wish I hadn't been so shy and spoken to you to see my portfolio at the Con. I can't wait to see an update to that WIP.



Saskia said...

The Gerome is worth its money, i have an older edition from it. Lots of Pictures :>

gallegos said...

Hey Shelly, great blog. Loved your SDCC booth/table, but didn't say hi (shy).

Anyway, the Gerome book also comes in a condensed pocket book form, in English, by the same author (same text?). It's a good companion to the large french version. One for the pictures, one for the infos. Get both--I did :-)

The pocket book is going for $$ already, but I think you might be able to order it from the publisher. Give them a call or drop them an email:


There's also a large traveling Gerome show in the works for a year or two from now. OMG.

Chris Sears said...

i don't have your e-mail...
the Bernini show opened at the Getty today:


you should see it before you travel. it will be up until oct. 26

Augie said...

Deaaaaamn, a new Leyendecker book? 'Bout time. Here's a link to some pics I took at a JCL exhibit a few years back, if anyone wants to check them out.


I think the show is still traveling around. Thanks for the book links!

Augie said...

Lame. Blogger wouldn't let me post the full url for the Leyendecker pics. http://www.flickr.com/photos/65643657@N00/

You can use the shortened link above and scroll down to the Haggin Museum's JC Leyendecker show/2006 on the right. Sorry for the confusion.

Stephen James. said...

I'm a Bargue addict now. Great book to have.

Christian Alzmann said...

hhhmmmmm. My only issue with a $500 book and one thats 24lbs is you end up needing a special room and white gloves for it. Always a tough decision to add a book you can't have casually laid open and getting smudged on the drawing table. I prefer books that I can really use, but it is Boldoni.

Christian Alzmann said...

oh yikes one more for your list!!!!

Francis Vallejo said...

Hi Shelly,

I might have a sweet Gerome book, but I don't have your email. If you like, send me your email to fvallejo.illustration@gmail.com and I'll forward you the link!

I love books!!....it just hurts after you get the bill..hahaha

all the best

Yoo said...

Hey, do you remember me? I'm the girl you met at Gallery inn, dupont circle, DC ! The art history grad student from Oklahoma..I got back from my one month trip around the east coast and while I was arranging all the post cards I got from the trip, I saw dewing and remembered you! Guess what..not to rub it in but I went to that Turner exhibition in NYC. lol. How are you doing? I still think you should do my portrait in the future! lol

adebanji said...

Thanks for the insight into these
wonderful books, when the money comes I will surely cash in!