Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Second Dream WIP~

This is a sketch from a previous post. For the "Young Empress" again.
I only listen to Soundtrack when i work now, and i only have three that i keep using:
Perfume OST;
The Fountain OST;
The Hours OST.

They are all quite marvelous, but i want some new ones~ Anyone has any suggestions...?


REAU said...

I would Highly recommend these two scores from Philip Glass, The Illusionist and Dracula.

Universal commissioned Glass to create a new original score to the 1931 horror classic for the 75th anniversary

and if you still want more I also recommend pretty much anything by Wojciech Kilar

Eric Braddock said...

Hey Shelly, firstly, the WIP looks great! Secondly, I mostly listen to soundtracks when I work so I have a few suggestions..

King Arthur
The Dark Knight
Lord of the Rings (all)
World of Warcraft
The Bourne Identity
Shadow of the Colossus

More whimsical:
The Village
Pan's Labyrinth
Lady in the Water
I am Legend
Road to Perdition

basically anything by Thomas Newman, John Williams, James Newton Howard, Hans Zimmer or Danny Elfman.

Hope this helps.
Anyways, good luck with the WIP :)

Peter Underhill said...

Craig Armstrong's Plunkett & Maclaine.

Also, I play a lot of DVDs with the commentary on and use them like a radio interview. Although, when I'm writing, I can't have any spoken words or lyrics around me or they mingle with my words and we all end up on the floor in a heap.

Nicely balanced WIP, by the way.

E Palacios said...

From your playlist I recommend Girl with a Pearl Earring from the film of the same name by Alex Desplat. Love your work by the way.

Patrick j Jones said...

Hi Shelly,

William Stromberg: Trinity and Beyond soundtrack is pretty dramatic and moody. Sample:

ps. the new unfinished piece of art looks great!

capprotti said...

Ha ha ha, if anybody would be first to post a reply, it should have been reau. Ha ha. And good call Eric. Staying with the vein of scores you've listed so far, 28 Days and 28 Weeks later by John Murphy are amazing. The scores for V for Vendetta and Atonement by Dario Marionelli are masterful. The Dark Knight is a must have! And of course... Gladiator because.. well it's Gladiator. OH and to add to Peter Underhill's suggestion, Craig Armstrong's Romeo and Juliet. One of my Favs. Hope you enjoy one or all of 'em.

Adam Paquette said...

nothing... NOTHING... quite comes close to the last minute of 'road to awe' on the fountain soundtrack. Weird, but it usually makes me cry and my heart beats really fast - though its not really connected to the movie for me. Just such an amazing emotional buildup in that piece. Nice to know it is being appreciated by other painters :)

Apotheosis said...

Requiem For A Dream OST
Sympathy For Lady Vengeance OST

karlsimon said...

Nice Images Shellywan! Your colours are impressive and inspiring.
I like the soundtrack from the game Shadow of the Colossus. The music from The Assassination of Jessie James has been playing in the office alot and Im starting to like it!

The Joyful Fool said...

Once soundtrack!

Anonymous said...

David Lynch films always have really nice soundtracks.

Inspiring works here, very nice concept of painting.

I live in Barcelona, and I missed the Sorolla's exposition.......!! Nice to see you like the city.

Seage said...

get all the Samurai Champloo soundtracks. Theres songs from Nujabes, Shing02, and some other amazing artists. I say, my idea is the best. You should totally follow it, lol.