Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Guess what came on SALE~

I am not big on shoes. or bags. or a thousand other things people seem to want. but somethings i REALLY REALLY want and would look OH-SO-GREAT with everything have came up for sale quietly~ while i don't have the money. i should have saved my money for these when i could of... but then again i would probably have to sell a kidney or two on top of that. If you get these, i am definitely jealous... :(

OMG. this Dean Cornwell is clearly a Masterpiece! (Drool)

Mead Schaeffer... I have one other in mind that i would like to own more, but this one's definitely a close second.

The ONE. the ONE i thought would be mine. maybe another 20 years. but oh so worth the wait...(fireplace? dinning room? its own 9 feet wall...?) Breathtaking.

Heritage is the auction house. I thank them for these huge on line versions... To see more amazing art, and even more detail shots of the pieces you could go here and search for your artists.


capprotti said...

That makes TWO of us. and ya know any artist or collector with good taste! I live on that site though, it's an incredible source for classic illustrators at such a HIGH quality. Thank god for Heritage Auctions. Have you grabbed the Rockwells and Lyendeckers?

MANU said...

I shelly, I'm glad you're having a great time around the world!
Where are you now?
Here is the same all...
Keep me posted..
Peace and love!

gamusino Javi said...

they are amazing...can you pay in places???

Jim Hopkins said...

We had a show here on the East Coast at the Dahesh Museum which was a great survey of most of the major illustrators and seeing Mead Schaeffer's work in person was something of a revelation. Astonishing work. They had a nice piece on display there by an illustrator you might want to check out -Sarah Stilwell

BTW, love your work; I come and check it out often.

Rob Rey said...

Hah, I've been pouring through the Heritage Auction site the last couple of days too! Such great stuff.

Christian Alzmann said...

I am almost positive who is going to win these bids. I wish it was me but on the bright side at least they will probably be open for public viewing and maybe some day I'll get a chance to see them.....swoon. Thanks for sharing the link.

Christian Alzmann said...

Jeez, have you searched through the past auctions yet? Great archive of pics.

Paul said...

Oh my! They are just incredible. If they are like this in a simple form, how much more powerful would they be lifelike?

Will Finn said...

WHOA! That Mead Schaeffer piece is out of this freakin' world! It's like two different paintings in one: the small version looks very tight and smooth and then the full scan is so loose and textured! How'd he do that?

Made my day!Thanks Shellywankenobi!

Phattro said...

thank you for sharing these...I am still drooling over the Mead Schaeffer piece. gorgeous.

lastly but not your work.


Peter Underhill said...

Shelly, coincidentally, both the Spanish Tavern and Captain Blood sold for the identical figure of $53,775.00.

budmoon said...

Christian- I know you said you were (almost) positive who was going to grab the Dean Cornwell paintings in the most-recent Heritage Auction. But you were wrong...since I emerged as the victorious bidder.

The Captain Blood painting by Cornwell is the sister painting to another one I already have. Martignette had owned that painting for many years...and just would not negotiate a sale under any conditions.

I primarily collect works by American Illustrator's who have a Chicago connection. That includes masters like: Dean Cornwell, Haddon Sundblom, Frank Hoffman, Rolf Armstrong, Gil Elvgren, Walt Louderback, Rico Tomaso (Cornwell's best friend)....and my passion...the Leyendecker brothers! Although I like some of Frank Leyendecker's work, I focus on the work of J. C.

In the flesh...the Dean Cornwell painting from the Sabatini Cptn. Blood story, "Ransom" possesses pigment saturation and colors that almost appear 'not of this world!'

When I figure out how to upload images, I will bomb some stuff onto this site that will make your eyes water!

I have been collecting illustration for 25 years...had a graphic artist background...but moved into real estate development many years ago.

So...what's your pleasure? Cornwell? Leyendecker?