Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Everything was fine and dandy as i was walking home today... and then it all changed when i saw the door to my apartment.

It was a dark green, with gold letters on it, spelling "176".

and now it's a dark red, with dark red letters, hardly recongnizable.


i don't like finding my door red. in fact, i am slightly ashamed of it that i don't want to be seen coming out of it. that's how ugly that red is.

thank you, Management.


&Rew said...

silly shelly.

¿your door is the wrong color?

¿why don't you paint it black?

oooh yes. let's paint it black.

have you noticed that david stopped posting?!?


&Rew said...

2 things.

1. there is allot of awesomeness in that piece (exp. the little angels on the devil's back.

two. the circus girl's arm is in a weird place! dunno if it's right but it looks kinda funk.

3. good job pumping value back in. there's some good depth.

b) i'm gonna go to bed early. smell you later.


Tikigeo said...

this is a very nice piece. I like all the details and flourishes. I too was wondering about the girls arm. It looks as though she morphs into the demons arm or something, perhaps that is intentional. If not, her hand could rest on the demons shoulder, arms intertwined.Regardless, it's very pretty.

TomCarroll said...

I am really liking how various pieces of ornamentation link the piece together ... from the ornamental chrysanthemum design weaving through the background, to the round designs on the djin's coat, to the design within he shape of the fiddler's hat, to the fringe of hair dividing the demon's back. Actually, this is too micro ... the composition is very busy, but various alignments keep the eye moving in a very good way -- feather to fiddle to djin's hat, to his beard ... this runs counter to the floral piece in the b.g. Rilly, rilly well done, Shel ... :-)

&Rew said...

i love that set of hands in the foreground, adn i like the girl with "shelly" pose. montreal here she comes!!

orionlesc said...

muy bueno
oh my god
it is blood!"