Sunday, April 23, 2006

done or NOT done.... ?

i had the part I of my perfect dream.

i was working on a pirate ship as an archeologist. it's the grandest ship i have ever seen, everybit as cool as the one in Disneyland, and ten times more masts and yards, and each one had a pirate guarding it.
i was in my cabin looking through a telescope, scouting locations for our treasure hiding purposes. this port suddently came into view, with beautiful houses that look like the buildings from atop the fancy cookie jars. i remember feeling bumped out because i didn't have my digital camera with me. we went abroad, looked around, and enter this cave. it was dark and dangerous. however, we were able to evade most of the unknown dangerous creatures by swinging our torches at the darkness, and forming a circle. i saw a big empty entry way slightly to the left, and went towards it absentmindedly. "LOOK OUT! THAT'S A TRAP!" the old captain yelled behind me. it was too late. these black flying creatures started to shoot out of the ground like little canyon balls, and they drag on to me as hard as they can. another young pirate who was caught in the same entry way as me, put me on his shoulders and started to run as fast as he can across this bat field. i opened my parasol and try to fend them off with it. when we finally reach the other side, he put me down, and dropped to the ground. his blouse was darkened by blood. i cried out:"NOOOOOOOOO!!!!......"

and i woke up.

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ComePassion said...

not done, but still an intriguing piece of work