Saturday, April 15, 2006

nerd alert!

I love Lord of the Rings!

that's a reminder to myself.

I just watched part 1 on TBS. Every shot gives me goosebumps. and there are just so many good lines in the movie, it's awesome!

"all the memories will be lost in time... like tears in the rain".

well, that's actually Blade runner. but it serves as another reminder to myself why i munchies down my sandwich at the nerd table. hahaha

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&Rew said...


here's what a nerd I am - i was half way through reading that and i almost stopped to comment "hey that's Rutger Hauer's adlib soliloqueue (however you spell that) from bladerunner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" but then you called it out.

glad you posted the uprez and glad that you enjoyed yer movie - NOW GET TO WORK AND FINISH THAT PTG! (whip sound here)