Friday, April 23, 2010


Matricide wip~ I don't know yet how i feel about it. :S What do you think...?



Mr Loulou said...

nice start
but up to now, the light doesn't help me to read your painting.

hope my comment will be usefull


Kira said...

Wow, I love it. And the idea of it. Some thoughts: It's a little hard to tell that's a yellow bird in her right hand. Also, it seems very politically motivated, what with the fetuses and the rainbows, seems to have to do with abortion and possibly gay rights. Was that intended?

I love the symbolism though. Fabulous. Hope you don't mind my random comments. :)

Evan Bonifacio said...

Diggin the colors!

Maybe its just because its a WIP, but I really liked how 'easy to read' your line work was in the previous post.
-just a thought.


Ben Ho said...

Cool! I liked the tail in the earlier sketch. Its cropped off here but perhaps u could bring it back in.

ernesto said...

i think that maybe if you knock down the color in the background in value and saturation, it would help the figure read better. also, the bottom of the figure is a little busy and my eye keeps going to it.