Wednesday, April 07, 2010

"Earth" Society show sketch

A preview of the piece i am currently working on, "Matricide", for the NYC Society of Illustrators show "Earth". It's a bit of a different style for me, so the painting process is kinda painful. Not like it was easier when it was the "usual" either tho~ :)

Hope you like it,


:::Julia Lundman::: said...

I love your work. It inspires me!

How are you transferring your drawing to canvas? I'm battling this problem myself and curious to know if you have any tips. I hate graphite paper!

Chris Battle said...

Whoah! Incredible!

A. Riabovitchev said...

Beautiful!I can't wait to see the final version.:o)

Evan Bonifacio said...

woah! creepy, but soo cool!

Lloyd Harvey said...

WOW, very dark and interesting. It reminds me of the work by Takato Yamamoto. I look forward to seeing this piece when it is complete so that I can study all that marvelous detail.