Monday, May 29, 2006

yeah for monday

did anyone else have a fabulous Memorial holiday? Good! ^O^! i did a little bit of painting, but now it's off with "Dreamfall"! reunited with my homegirl, April Ryan! Damn i love her. <3
hope u all diggin' this. ignore the weird things the textures are doing... i will fix it sometime next week. hopefully.


echo said...

hey ya~ i never knew you have a blog lol~ how come you're never on msn any more? not even on the weekends? geez me miss you

shellywan said...

yo Echo! sorry, just got back from a long trip in montreal, canada. went there for a workshop. so tired...... will definitely call u later ok??? ^___^

robin said...

Woooow. Needs more updates :-) Love your stuff!

Patrick Ballesteros said...

Love the progression and steps you are showing with this one...good stuff.

How was that conceptart workshop, that looked fun esp all those demos they posted online.