Wednesday, May 17, 2006

a little bit of update ...



Paul Hassett said...

Damn how do you do that?

I wish you'd teach some classes or attend one of the schools around her just so I can watch you work.

The testosterone around her is too think....I'd like to see you humble them:)

Here's my stuff:

I still gotta learn how to color. We were in the same Gnomone Character Design class with Kevin Chen.....I still think Kevin is the best teacher ever.



shellywan said...

hey Paul! sorry i wrote u back so late! i don't check comments so often... how are u doing these days? i heard of Watts, and i think i need to take some classes myself as well. *___*... yeah, Kevin is super! i might run into him at the next Gnomon workshop. r u going by any chance?