Thursday, May 11, 2006

here they are, in the order of as i did them on the train to LA.

E3 was fun, at least for me, since it's my first time there. cool games previews, didn't get too much freebies(sad), and the longest line i waited in was at starbuck's. hope u all had fun as well. ^___^


&Rew said...

HEY. SUPER coool.

makes me wish i rode the train with you and hethe. -- all i got done on the train was nurse my hangover!!!!!!!!


Tikigeo said...

These are great Shelly!Supercool.

Hanie said...

this is beautiful! If you don't mind me asking, what material do you use to produce this? I am curious about the white bits - is it a pen? or goache?

Anonymous said...

What brand/style/type of sketchbook was this done on? It looks like a toned Moleskine.