Sunday, July 12, 2009

a study in contrast~

Budapest. How to describe it? Sumptuous, fanciful interiors that are unsurpassed by any buildings i have seen, coupled with the stripped bared, bullet ridden exteriors and memories. To lived here for two weeks is to experience World War II, the Cold War and the relentless nostalgia for glories passed while munching on the best cuisine of Europe(second or equal to that of Italy, imho). I can not recommend this city enough: for its beauty, for its tragedy,and for its heart.




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alexandre said...

Nice photos. I remember when you started posting on CA, you've grown your art alot since and your work is beautiful.

kazerniel said...

Haha I live here :) It's good to hear others like this city, I don't really do. D:

Dyogo said...

Wow. Nice photos and paints over there down. I am training the body parts for aperfeiçoar (refinar) my art. See in my blog.