Wednesday, June 10, 2009

small update~


i don't really have a clear idea what i want to do here~ which is kind of exciting. and here's a bit of nonsense i wrote today:

The Pool

I wondered the
metropolises that
faded into desert
came to a pool
long dried

bones of the earth
sticking out
impossibly delicate curves
against the darkening sky

at the bottom
discarded dreams and
wanton illusions
glitter like colored glass

in awe
i sat on the edge
to fall in
to break
and dream the dream
in a thousand tiny pieces



Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful picture - all darkly luminous & mysterious. I really like the format, too - hardly anyone uses the fan format but there are some amazing old pictures in it.

Chris Wood said...

really Rad-

Movo Me said...

i love this piece. it's breathtaking.

Patrick j Jones said...

Hi Shelly,

both versions are outstanding as usual, but I prefer the bold roughness and the positioned figures in the first version.

You are a great talent.

Best regards,


jason hazelroth said...

all your paintings are wonderful