Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Invisible Tax

I believed in America. I believed it's the best country in the world, for freedom and liberty, and growth as an individual. I was too lazy f0r too long, to go out and exercise my rights as a citizen, and look where we are today. Both Obama and McCain voted in favor to pass the latest Bail Out plan, which speaks volume to me: That they are both just more of the same, as in NOT on the side of the American People. I vowed to stick with my conscience, and i shall write in "Ron Paul", and hope it will still make a difference come November. I hope it's not too late.



EnchantedGal said...

Thanks for posting these videos. I was a little confused about what was going on with this bailout plan, and Ron Paul makes a really clear, easy to understand argument against it. I wish it were possible to have him as our president, but sadly I fear you may be right that we'll be getting more of the "same" with the illusion of choice.

I will not go so far as to write Ron Paul for my vote, as it's really not possible, and I would still be happier to see Obama in office than McCain. Even if this is a choice of "lesser evil."

This entire economic trouble is a bummer all around for the bulk of us either way. However, past the economy, I still think the "idea" of hope/change/and breaking racial barriers that Obama makes people feel is worth a lot. Even if he ends up making little actual change, it will feel like an accomplishment to many. (Or at least a positive change from the Bush administration.) Perhaps that will open doors to future advancement.

Again, thanks for sharing the videos, definitely good to know!

Lymojo said...

Hi Shelly,
Lyman here.

Good stuff. Do you know who Peter Schiff is? He was the economic advisor of Ron Paul's campaign.
There are some amazing videos of him on youtube going on Fox News and NBC, and being laughed off for predicting the housing bubble over three years ago.
Check him out.

I've abandoned my 401k at work, and have moved my IRA over to his company, Euro Pacific Capital.

Anonymous said...

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