Monday, October 06, 2008

Debt as Money

Here's a video i watched to understand how the "Bad Loans" happened. It's very enlightening:

I can't pick a "Lesser Evil" to be the leader of my country; how did that come to be the ONLY option in picking our president?! The only one i will vote for it's Ron Paul, since he's the only one that talks about and will solve the problems with our monetary system, our endless war, and our so called "freedom".


Mark Bridges said...

Maybe you could email Ron and ask him for advice. It seems more and more, that Running for office is a liken to a "Beauty Padgent" "You Love me, you love me" no... I want you to do what I want, loves got nothing to do with it.

Mugattu 夢査白 said...

I'm not American, but I'd vote for Ron Paul if I were.

I believe there's still the write-in vote that you can use to vote for him, but you have to hurry.

Check out writein2008 on blogspot and click on your state's rules regarding it or google "write in vote" for a bunch of explanations and options.

Reading the comments on these youtube videos it seems many people already have voted for him.

Anonymous said...


Chris Sears said...

about 9 months ago, i found this test online. very interesting because it estimates where all the presidential candidates fall on a spectrum.

ron paul is something like (+9, 0) if i remember correctly--definitely something of an anomaly compared to the rest of the candidates.

it was also very interesting to see where my defense industry coworkers wound up--the political diversity was surprising considering all the Fox News Bias at the air force base. in fact, their "center of mass" was something like (-1, -2)--which i really didn't expect. but, the ones that were "authoritarian" were VERY authoritarian.

anyway, i'm sure the test isn't entirely accurate, but it's fun to play around with.

larry said...

you dont understand the 2 party system - its designed to create parity. a third party only competes against the party it is most similar to (by drawing votes away), therefore making it more probable that the party it LEAST agrees with will win. Logically, it doesn't add up.

Mana said...

Keep up the good work.

Joey said...

YES, isolationist is the way to go! Let's cut ourselves off from the rest of the world. Forget about working with EVERYBODY, even the ones you hate, to get something done. Fire everyone in the government so we can have a government so tiny, you can put it in the i Phone. Paul's idea is great for someone who is divorced from reality and don't understand how things actually work interchangeably and as a whole. We don't need a bigger or smaller government, we need a more efficient government. I can REALLY see how attractive Paul's view is to an artist that has limited social interaction, except it would only work when hell freezes over or we're back in the stone age with the population of 300.

Anonymous said...

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