Thursday, May 08, 2008

ptg update

Fin~ 6 hours.

i will be bringing some of my semi dry oils and original drawings to the Beverly Hills show. i thought about bringing the Magic Artists' proofs, but decided against it~ Saving that for the good people at the San Diego Comic con, which i will be attending as well, sharing a booth with some friends. ^____^


Anonymous said...

These paintings are looking great. Does Jeremy teach a constant class or are these from workshops?


chingwa said...

This is looking great! I love the warm line detail (yeah, so I'm talking about the butt crack... but not just because it's the butt-crack...) beautiful work!

Rich Pellegrino said...

The pattern on the bed had me at hello. great work Shelly.

Skylark- said...

Nice recent paintings - all the best for your upcoming show!

Ben Mauro said...

neeto Wan-kenobi.

I might go check out the art thing this weekend, save me a cool print!

Anonymous said...

beautiful paintings. I wished I would've signed up for the class. Thanks for the info by the way. Good to see you last week, even though I barely got a chance to chit chat.


Trrz said...

saw your work for the first time at the beverly hills show. Great work.