Monday, April 28, 2008

Beverly Hills Art Show - May 17 & 18

Work in progress from Jeremy's class last night. Can't wait for next week's session~ :)

Been very busy, hasn't visit here for a while. Thanks for all the kind remarks! ^____^

I am participating in a garden setting art show in the beautiful Beverly hills. It would be my first time attending this type of event, and i am very hyped!! Busy printing Gyclees, archival prints and postcards... I hope everyone that lives in the area could come out and join me for some art, demos, music, wine and sun~~

My canopy will be between Rexford Dr. and Crescent Dr. You could also get more info here. See you there~ :P


Update: painting from Jeremy's class:


Robogabo said...

Thats an awesome group of brushstrokes, the way it follows the belly and ribcage is very nice, also great work on the temperature changes on the skintones, and the warm canvas primer peeking inbetween the bluish cloth is so good.
awesome work dude, you just keep getting better and better with each session :-O
also nice set of values, they are very well grouped and welded together in a nice abstract shape.
cant wait for new updates :-D

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

A.j. Trahan said...

very nice study!
i wish i could take Lipking's class

Luky said...

beautiful study!

Stephen James. said...


I just stumbled upon your blog after following the link from Chris Sanders blog. This is some really awesome work you're putting out here. I'm currently in an atelier program that supports traditional realism in painting and I'm glad to see that there are others who are also pushing the classical approach.

Keep on rocking on!

chingwa said...

Wooo that painting is coming along quite nice. too bad I can't visit the Beverly Hills art show, sometimes it sucks to be on the east coast (sometimes :P )

Icon said...

Shelly this sounds like a fantastic event! I hope you do well!

Your current paintings are incredible, the brush strokes, the soft temperature changes, the strength of the silhouette.. It's all fantastic! It sounds incredible to be studying under Jeremy Lipking. I cant wait to see what it does to your work once you are done.

<3 much love shelly,


Anonymous said...

Great stuff!-I admire your work and Mr Lipkings. Curious about his methodology for starting a painting on seeing your class work-does it entail using a medium?

elephantmarchblog said...

That's great news about the BH art show. Good luck.

Great paintings as alway. Love the subtle color choices.

Rich Pellegrino said...

I'm a fan Shelly! Lovely oils. Your temperature changes are tasty.