Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Hmmmmm~ i didn't like the girl before, but i am not sure about her now~ later maybe.


Mermuse said...

I like that she has eye contact with the viewer it makes her feel more important to the story.... like she is the cause of what is going on or that she knows something you don't.

Francis Vallejo said...

I enjoy the painting very much, but I think that the new position of the girl breaks up the flow of the painting compared to what you had. The previous version seemed to have a graceful line of action from the bottom knight all the way up to the top character...this new version has this line broked up and doesn't feel as fluid. I do enjoy the fact that the mass of her dress frames the knight though. I hope this may help. Best of luck on the painting!!

Brun Croes said...

first off: the girl looks great, i can allmost feel her personallity
the way she is standing in the composition is great, BUT the other two characters lack the feeling of beeing "creatures with feelings" this is probebly because that they are still only in "sketch" stage, allso you should make their possitions in the painting a bit different,

so once again, the girl is allready standing and looking amazing,
but pan and the man in her arms should be standing different in the composition.

the collor aspect is (as allways in your works) amazing

take care


ps: sry for my poor english

joelhinxman said...

i love your stuff. i kida like the way the girl looked befro. now the guys eyes are looking right at her chest and it looks kinda like shes about to rub it in his face.

david hong said...


awesome as usual!!! i am happy you are posting again:-)

your stuff always feels masterful and classic. i would love to see more!!

Mindy Lee said...

The first one has a better pose and placement. The placement of her hands and where she is situated in the composition is pretty equal spaced that could be what is bothering you. great colors and would love to see how this turns out :D.

Kincept said...

wait a minute.. what's he looking at?

Icon said...

Hey Shelly!

I love these paintings, but I have to say I prefer the previous placement and angle of the woman. It had a lovely visual flow from top to bottom, emphasizing the most interesting sections. There was also something extremely graceful about her. In the end you'll make the best choice, if it doesn’t become apparent now maybe tomorrow or the next day ! ;p

By the way, have you checked the girl forum on CA? there's a new thunderdome you might like. check it out ^^

Hethe Srodawa said...

Great sketches, I love them lots. Me miss me some shelly art. I hope you're doing well!

Ramses said...

Yor art work it's Fantastic! All of them!

Ken said...


I love the style and colours in your paintings