Sunday, August 05, 2007

Pan's tales~

WIP of a personal piece:

it's interesting to myself how i always pick a song to listen to whenever i am painting. it's something close to the mood of the piece, something that's musically intone with the world i have in mind for the painting. For "Charge" it was the soundtrack of "The Fountain", for "Greatest Discovery" it was "Je Crois Ententre"(you can listen to it here:, for "Escape" it was "Dummy". But this new piece was actually inspired by a story i read, Tom Robbin's "Jitterbug Perfume". It's a great book about two lovers turn immortals that are friends of the goat god Pan, about their journey through the ages to witness the dwindle of Pan and therefore, love and immortality. So this piece was a more literary translation, which i had a bit of problem conceptualizing.
i gave my itune a look over and finally, found something that's only too appropriate,"Pan's labyrinth"! so i happily proceed to paint this sucker...

i am working with this funny Argentinian Luis Crane, and he calls the paintings he like "have balls!" i am thinking he won't like this piece too much. i would have to agree since i am not feeling the two characters at all right now. oh well~ i shall worry about it tomorrow night~ give me some feedback if you can. Thanks in advance fellow bloggers!

safe travel beyond gnarly seas,


Ben Mauro said...

no crits here shelly.

keep doin your thing and i think it will turn out great.


&Rew said...

looks pretty shellay. only crit is that i don't get a strong indication of which emotion is happening, despite the piece having a definite mood.

missed you at the con, but i'll catch you around sometime.


cdeboda said...

Hey Shelly, just listened to those soundtracks you mentioned -- liked it alot! If you got anymore music recommendations, feel free to pass those along.

Nice to see you posting again too.

elizabeth said...

This is awesome shelly- I am now a fan! :)

Jenny said...

So beautiful! I love your work. Wow.

Jason Dunn said...

Holy crap, that is so cool!