Friday, July 21, 2006

Comic Con!

All right... havn't been working that much on personal stuff... but want to drop a line here about how wonderful this heaven called "San Diego Comic Con" is....... GOD!!! all my heros walking up and down the eisles, smiling at us mortals.... unreal!!!! some of the amazing artists i met for the first time:
Mike Mignola! Ragnar! Craig Elliot! Jon Foster! Ashley Wood! Phil Hale! Sean Galloway! Bernie Wrightson! Peter Deseve! George Pratt! Bill Sienkiewicz! James Jean!

yep. it's unbelivable. i know! god i wish i could buy an Ashley Wood original.... they are F**king awesome in person... almost shocking, i had to go sit down... damn... anyways, i am so inspired i really should stop talking and start working now. See u guys!


belinha said...

Great drawing and painting!:-)

Connie Wong said...

Sorry I accidentally flagged this blog. (I thought flag meant bookmark!) Duh. my apologies.

Wonderful work.