Thursday, May 30, 2013

Watercolors in New Orleans~

Hi friends,

Had a 4 day vacation in New Orleans ~ What a blast!! Have to get back there soon!!!! Bought a little Winsor Newton Coleman water color kit and a moleskin watercolor journal along that fits nicely in my little green purse: Best decision ever!

This one was done waiting in LAX with 50 mins to kill~ Of course the buses and planes all move around constantly~ Frustrating but super fun as well.

First day in the French Quarter! On the balcony seating of the "Royal Oyster house"! Amazing, gigantic oysters, great street music, martini and watercolor are probably my favorite combination of a day well spent~

Brunch in "The Country Club"!! This little patio seating is so heavenly, I had to pull out the set just cause! :P

Cemetery in the Garden District~ Peaceful, Hot, Serene~ I did three pieces here and they are the ones I like the most~ Gotta do more next time I am here!

Oak Alley Plantation! This one is frustrating as hell because the location is soooooo beautiful yet we had so little time painting here! Next time i will get a bed in the hotel on the premise and just paint for 3 days straight~ The oak trees are so gorgeous, i am just going to paint all of them~ :D

At the Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop! It was getting so dark that 30 mins into the painting I can no longer tell the colors I am putting down! Had to use flash to take a pic of this when done! Fun tho~

At the 24 hour go to place, Cafe Du Monte!! 24 hour Beignets, hot chocolate, street music... are you kidding me!? Best place on earth!

At the St. Louis Cemetery No. 1~!! Again, gorgeous!! Maybe with a little too much tourist traffic, but I do tend to blame EVERYTHING but myself when the painting doesn't turn out as good as i would like it to be! Must do more Sargent copies! >:(
This is when i can tell i am over the edge: Trying to paint on the plane! Yep. It doesn't look like it's moving ever, right? Wrong! Had to make up a lot of the stuff! :S Fun as hell tho~

SO that's it Folks! Hope you like the works! And if you want to, pick up the set and try it out in your next travel! it's deeply satisfying for some reason, to paint what you are looking at, like taking a piece of the spirit of the place with you~ :D


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Riara said...

These are so beautiful and such a brilliant idea! I suck at plein air painting though, hopefully I'll improve so I can do this :)