Thursday, March 08, 2012

Art for Japan~

UPDATE: Auction now open! All proceeds go to benefit the Japan Tsunami recovery efforts! Please help spread the word and bid generously:

Add ImageThis is a piece i just finished this Tuesday, I am donating it for the "Artists Help Japan" 1 year Anniversary Auction. There are many Pixar artists/directors art and items available for this great cause too. Make sure you check out the official site and go on Ebay to bid! :D

Here are some previews:


Yanbo said...

How nice :) The colours look great, didn't think yellow could blend with brown in that way

The auctions will be very successful for sure!

Sergio Lopez said...

So cool! What is the medium? I am guess water-mixable oils?

Shelly Wan said...

Sergio: Yes i use most water soluble oils! the only two colors i don't use WSO are yellow ochre and burnt umber: ochre because the pigment in WSO is just worthless, and umber because i like the other brands with more tranparency.