Sunday, November 20, 2011


It started out as a great weekend: I did an oil painting demo in 4 hours that i am pretty happy with, and then the unfortunate happened: The painting was ruined by the SF rain~!! :S It's pretty much defaced and this blurry shot is the best i got of it(Thanks R).

If any of the Massive Black workshopers have better pictures of the painting, please send them to:

It will be greatly appreciated! :D Have a nice weekend and stay away from the rain~!

Shelly W


Anonymous said...

That is an amazing painting.

Shame to what happened to it.


Trench-Art said...

at the risk of sounding like a dummy, I think it looks pretty cool after the rain. Maybe its just the way you photographed it, but I think it gives it kind of a gritty, surreal kind of look.

Shelly Wan said...

Haha thanks Trench~ but this pic is of the painting before the rain got to it~ :D

Ian Jun Wei Chiew said...

amazing work! I was there at the workshop watching you paint this :)