Friday, June 24, 2011

Getting back into life painting~

(8 hours, oil on Mylar pasted on board)

I am beginning to paint figures weekly again. Starting is hard, but it's so much fun once i get going that it's hard to imagine why i ever stopped. :D Getting back into Landscape painting again, too, now that the weather is nice. Will share once i have more.



Tim Robinson said...

Looks good.

Charles Santoso said...

Hi Shelly,
It was great to meeting you at Pixar the other day (with Dani & Jennifer) :) All the best with everything!

-Charles Santoso

Pix said...

Yeesh :D This is, like, absurdly amazing :D (Not to mention inspiring!! I love the "broken old photograph bits")

hannahbird said...

Completely amazing!

Ray Costa said...


Rafael Sarmento said...

I just saw this image yesterday but there was no credits, and now I came here and PLUF, my head exploded...!!!

Great, GREAT work lady - there's so much in this image that's speaking to me, so much energy concealed into the subtleties and textures, that I can almost "hear" the painting speaking!

abhishek singh said...

Beautiful study.

rodrigoart said...

Hi Shelly! Hope you're well. Painting looks amazing, thanks for sharing. Can't wait to see more

Diogo said...

wow shellyy, good works here. Your blog is very informative too... I love this.

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good luck