Monday, February 28, 2011

A little break from the norm~

I had a nice two week vacation during Chinese New Year to visit my family in China and a bit of traveling in Dubai~ Egypt was where we wanted to go, but it wasn't meant to be at the time. It's the fist time i had an ipod touch with me while traveling, and I gotta say i don't know how i lived without it before...! All these amazing apps for shooting pictures and videos~! it's so fun.

The gas in Dubai was half as much as bottled water. Imagine my shock when i see the prices back in the States!


OYO said...

Wanderlust... :) I don't know whose taking the photos but those are great color and values compositions.

Pix said...

Ha, I love the photos done in the old, time-worn retro style. Kind of reminds me of the family album travel stuff from before I had the pleasure of being old enough to travel myself :D
Yei, Dubai is kind of otherworldly :D Granted, when we were there, it was so hot it felt like we're standing by the jet engine exhaust pipe. :/

Te Chao said...

omg im so jealouse >< i wang to go to china for new years too!!!