Friday, August 20, 2010


Warming up to watercolor landscapes again~ Here are some paintings done early weekday mornings, in and around Berkeley~ :D It's really overcast here, everyday... You should check out Dice's done in oil: They are amazing~

Btw: You can now purchase my sketchbook here on the blog~ ^0^

Best best,


Gerald de Dios said...

Your work is so inspirational to me!You really captured Berkely...especially UC Berkeley. well, happy belated b-day and Congrats on the new gig!

Bobby Chiu said...


Joe Lee said...

wow! super nice watercolors

hehe welcome to the bay area summer :P

Zach said...

Those are all lovely. Did you use gouache, or is it only watercolor?

C. said...


I was wondering if you do caricatures pro bono? Or do you only do paid commissions?

Please, let me know, either way.


- C.

robh said...

real nice