Thursday, February 04, 2010

For R~

A little pre-Valentine's Day gift, which this year doubles as the Chinese New year~ Not really finished, but it's not likely i will have any time to work on this soon.

Last Year was amazing for me, and this one is shaping to be even better. Best wishes to Everybody!!! ^0^



Alex Lyon said...

Looking good, you always have a sweet color scheme. And you better find time to work on it, not to much time left... lol

Windowlicker77 said...

Wow looks amazing, love your work!

Ben Mauro said...

looking good shelly!

Robert said...

Nice work Ms Wankenobi, holr at me sometime.

xyling said...

Gong xi fa zai and xin nian quai le.

Love your work, Shelly!