Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Rough updated~

Civilization rough updated~ it feels like pulling teeth again~ i might just start on the next piece, for "Fisherman and his soul". with less people~ :(
Like people that commented, it's definitely a tribute to my favorite artist, Mucha's work. less for the Slav epic, more for his wonderful work in "Le Pater". i am going to try to get my hands on it in a paris library this week or next, and take some photos so i can show you how wonderful it truly is. and if anyone's interested in the Oscar Wilde story this ptg is based on, they could read it here:
it's truly one of the most beautiful stories, and very important to me for reasons that i don't yet fully grasp. Maybe i am a little better of a person for having read it. How else could i recommand it? :)

See you soon,


Jeremy Elder said...

I really like the atmosphere you have built up in this version. I must say, I am a little sad to see the design motif that was in the lower left hand corner disappear. Did you not like it?

anima-base said...

Really awesome painting.
Nice color and atomosphere, lighting.

HELENE J said...

Just amazing, I love it ! You'r more than talented!
I'll try to read the book you mention this summer, in english ...or in a french translation !

Ty Carter said...

Ah! This is great! I'm diggin your color control

Alina Chau said...


Brian Elliott said...


Alex Mandra said...

Nice composition!
I Like the color in the light.

Bob said...

Holy Moly, Shelly!!!


Hope you are well!


dadu shin said...



really nice edges in this piece.
nice blog overall. I'll be by more often.